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New journal. :-) [09 Feb 2005|08:39pm]

add me?
if you wish.
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Nothin' at all. [10 Nov 2004|07:14pm]
[ mood | blank ]

I got an xanga a couple weeks ago.
...if you wish.

No worries though, I am still using my livejournal. Both of them. And my community. So s'all good. :-D

Hm. Not alot is goin' on...Jesse and Danny are gonna go to Korea tomorrow for like a month or so. I'm gonna miss 'em, aw. And I miss Pedro.

I also saw a music video called MOSH by eminem...and it's actually good, ironically. ROFL, maybe just cause I hate Bush, and the vid is soo true. Who knows, but I recommend watching it. It's really insightful. Ironically.

I'm still pissed about the election.

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READ. [07 Nov 2004|04:41pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]


What's next?

..on the brighter side: http://www.marryanamerican.ca/ ..ROFL. That's soo me.

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.......NIGHTMARE?!! Please tell me it is. [03 Nov 2004|12:38pm]
[ mood | hopeless ]

After you've spent about two years of your life more or less trying to change America for the better and still the evil-doer himself prevails, you start to wonder if Hope is really on the way.

I cannot describe to you what I and millions other feel right now.

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Back from ivan [24 Oct 2004|01:15pm]
[ mood | okay ]

I'm BACK! Hurrahz.

So! Obviously we had to evacuate the area. We ended up all the way in Chicago so that was lovely. While we were there I got to go to Eryn's Homecoming game and Powderpuff which was fuuuun. I saw Emma's dorm room at UIC and it's really awesome, I really wanna go there *for my undergrad* cause like its RIGHT THERE in the city. But anyways, not a whole lot went down while we were up there, just chilled bummed around and stuff, but hey not much we could do when everyone else was in school. Ivan ripped through Pensacola, so we stayed there for like 2 weeks since there was no power or running water down here. It woulda just been one more family to give MRE's to anyway. But wow, when we did come back there was soo much damage, especially to our school. So schools were closed until further notice, and we ended up going back on the 11th of October...but in total we missed 19 school days, and so now we have no fall break and shortened xmas break. Which is okay I guess, because we still get to graduate on time. Yay. And ever since we've been back in school I've had way too much work. It really sucks. But it's okay, I'm just glad that we were fortunate to still have our house and whatnot. There was minor water/roof damage in my room, a few trees down, shingles missing...and our chimney got blown away. ROFL. But other than that it's not that bad really. At least we don't have a blue roof...But it's great how the community is pulling together and just helping everyone out. The rest of the country may not be, but I know Pensacola is united.

Well alot is going on since I last wrote, but I have to get going soon so..more later.

I have some pics of Pensacola and the damage in shadow_of_astar.

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HURRICANE! [14 Sep 2004|01:41pm]
[ mood | blah ]

We have to evacuate cause of Hurricane IVAN.
It's heading straight for us! AHH.

Ummmmmmmmmmmm. Well I have to leave really soon. School was cancelled today because Ivan is NOW going to be here by early morning Wednesday...RAWRness. I'll be home hopefully sometime soon, and hopefully the power/phone lines will be back soon too so that I can talk to people and do shitttt. In the meantime, don't worry about me I'm sure I'll be alright. Hopefully Pensacola will be alright.

I love ya guys loads, and I'll miss you ppl. Take care and *huggies 4 all* :D

P.S. GO JOIN MY MESSAGE BOARDS! Pleaaaaaaase. Click here. :)

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The Innocent: nine eleven [11 Sep 2004|04:41pm]
[ mood | okay ]

The start of Armageddon
And it's just another day
We all saw the news
Nothing to say
So many friends are missing
And family members gone
And we all pray to God
Help them be strong
And now we stand together
Remembering that day
The lives we live
Will never be the same

And we don't know why
The innocent die
Will this world ever
Find a way to change?
And we don't know why
But we know it's not right
We don't know why
So many had to die
We don't know why
So many had to die

Hate has turned to others
For their religion or their skin
But hate can't solve
The problem it began
Everyone is angry
People are afraid
And no one knows
What decisions will be made

Rest In Peace

<3 Cmdr. Patrick Dunn
<3 Ronald Hemenway

...and to the rest who perished in the Pentagon, Flights, and World Trade Center.

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Oh merde. [06 Sep 2004|07:10pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

I'm SO pissed hurricane Frances didn't come here. The freakin' news people totally said it was heading straight for us! And I don't wanna go to school tomorrow! Rawr. Now it's like...in Georgia. Damn.

Anywho, yesterday I finished up a painting that has taken me about three weeks to complete. I'm pretty satisfied with it, I may post pics but we'll see.

I also went to Jamie's house to chill cause it was her birthday and stuff. Christina, Kristina, and Carrie came...Chelsea was going to, but didn't. We had a pretty good time, talkin' and whatnot. Christina and me had a dance off, and ohh she got served. Boo-YAH. It was great. We filmed it...but I don't think I'm gonna show ya'll. Partly cause I don't think I'm capable of putting it on the net. OH well. :D

That's 'bout all I have to say. Hahahah. Umm, if I have more I'll edit.

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I need some more free time. [04 Sep 2004|10:50pm]
[ mood | tired ]

It's been forever since I last written in here, and wow, so much has been going on...I'll try to sum up the important stuff.

Well lets see...I went to this shindig thing August 20 and it was alright. Umm...I adopted a pet freshman. Hahahah yeeeeeah. She's off the chain. Her name is Raven, and she's so small and freshman-y but only in a superficial way [ie. looks like one, does NOT act like one] which is why she's just so rad cause she isn't all obnoxious like all the other retard freshies in our school. I think it's cause she doesn't have school spirit, so therefore she isn't all like "OMFG C/O '08!!!111~". Ugh. But she's awesome cause she knows how to rave and she's even hosted raves at her house, and just she reminds me of my freshman year of high school. It's great. Anywho, so like this other annoying freshman was picking on my freshman...and he eventually got her kicked out of the thing. I was pissed, especially when THIS happened:
Me: Leave my freshman alone.
Him: No, I can do what I want to.
Me: Don't talk back to Seniors.
Him: I'll talk back to any senior I want to.
OH hellznah. See, I don't hit people and I don't start shit...but other seniors and/or upperclassmen will..so he better watch what he says. Hahah. Oh god that was hilarious though...later I found out he was in my geography class. Shit. ROFL. He also told me he was going to "bother me till I die" because I wouldn't tell him where she went. Now that's fucking scary. RAWR fucking freshmen.

Hm...well Art club started two weeks ago. Our first meeting went well. We nominated people for prez, veep, secretary, and so on, and then talked about what we'd do for fundraising. The second meeting we elected people. Mandy got prez, Kristina veep, and I forgot the rest...Ummmm. The club is pretty small this year. Sooo instead of going to New Orleans for our end-of-the-year trip...WE'RE GOING TO NEW YORK CITY!!!!! Maybe. Hopefully. Ohhh, god I want to go soo bad. But that's only if we raise enough money! AHH!

We went to our first two football games...hahah. Who woulda thought me of all people going to the games? Damn. I think going to the games is a part of having Senioritis, because I hate school yet I feel like since we're on top this year I feel like I gotta do something to REPRESENT. Yup. Well anyways, Woodham [my schoooool, yay] beat Washington AND Catholic. So boo-YAH. I forgot the score for the Washington game, but Catholic was 20-7. That was last night in fact. It was awesome, and I recognized some people from Catholic that I used to go to elementary school with. Weird shit, but alright I guess.

Lets see...Tuesday this past week we had our first senior meeting at fucking 6:45 in the AM. And it was in Mr. Ashler's room, the government teacher who looks like General Wesley Clark, and it was the first time in been in his room but I thought it was pretty cool. He had news paper articles hung on the wall, so like I guess if you get bored in his class you could read it hahah. But he also had a Bush/Cheney sign in his room. I was like WTF? That's a little biased. So I decided to send him a Kerry/Edwards sign. I put it in his teacher mailbox. I did notice, though, that the sign in his classroom did not say Bush/Cheney '04...so therefore I realized it was from 2000. But still, I sent it anyway. Thursday, Jamie and me went to talk to him...and he said a student brought in the Bush/Cheney sign, so it was a little bit of a relief to know he possibly isn't one of them neo-cons. *shudder*

Speaking of that..Did anyone actually watch the Republican National Convention coverage? I read the paper too, and the protesters got a good amount of coverage. I really hope that people will notice how divided we are with the Bush administration, and then they'll see that we need a leader who will unite us. Anywho, I thought the RNC was lame compared to the DNC. There was just SO much negativity radiating from the Republicans and they definitely weren't as enthusiastic. All they could talk about was Kerry [not very nicely or truthfully, hahah] and fucking terrorism. Oh yeah, and not to mention how much they EXPLOITED 9/11. Damn. Well that's kinda all they can talk about anyways, since issues like the Economy, Health care, Education, Veterans, etc. just makes them look not so great. It was also funny how low republicans go by degrading vets by wearing pseudo-purple hearts. Damn, that's just soo disrespectful. Did Kerry not spill the right amount of blood to earn that medal? Ignorant assfucks, seriously. That "democrat" senator from georgia, the keynote speaker, could not compare to the lovely Barack Obama <3 [read his speech in wetheuncensored]. It was so disappointing to see such a great man like McCain stand up there and support an idiot who had ultimately disrespected him and other vets [Bush attacked McCain in the 2000 republican primaries similar to how he's attacking Kerry now: since McCain was a POW for 4 years in 'Nam Bush said and promoted ads that said McCain might be mentally unstable]. What is this vendetta Bush has against vets? At least Swift Boat Vets for Lies is laughable though [their "swift boat" is so full of leaks, ask me if you care]. But yeah anyway, McCain even criticized Michael Moore, which I thought was a little uncalled for. Seriously, sadly, that man is losing cred. Anyways, Bush's speech was just so filled with lies that I wanted to just throw something at the television. OH I swear, he is such a fraud. He kept saying things like "We will", and not "We will continue". That there PROVES that his administration has done hardly anything good for this country. And likewise to Cheney and other speakers of the RNC, he also had a significant amount of criticizing Kerry. Sorry Mr. Prez, but if that's how it is, then you've wasted your four years to show us you're competent. Where is his shame?

Alright, back to the important stuff, haha. Friday was really strange. I had a near death experience when we were crossing the tracks to go to school, the car ahead of us stopped so that we had to stop on the tracks..then the gate almost came down on us! There was a train coming...but fortunately mim backed the car up so we were alright. But sooo scary. Then, after french class, Christina and me were walking to Economics when she saw Dominic. She was all "DOMINIC!!" and I was all like whaat...and then next thing I know I get caught in the middle of their hug. Yesh, I got squished. And Dominic thought it was funny. Grrr, hahah. Then in sixth period Terra tried to set me up with Peter.. I not really sure why but I guess she was just bored hah. It was kinda funny but kinda awkward. Yarrrrr.

Um..CONGRATS TO JUSTIN GATLIN! Olympic gold medalist! Don't know if you guys know this, but Justin Gatlin graduated from WOODHAM HIGH SCHOOL and wow, he made it to the Olympics! Yay for him. :)

Well that's all I can remember that's somewhat significant. This is kinda long and rather pointless so I'll write more later if I think of more. KRIS I wrote something to you in my previous entry so if you haven't seen that yet then take a look. Umm, HURRICANE FRANCES might hit us monday night, hopefully no school Tuesday! And also I'm sorry for not being on, my cable net keeps fuckin up all the time.

Goodnight all.


BillyJacquesIII: i love my german teacher.. he is too funny.. hes like.. you know what RHS favorite color is.. and everybody was like.. orange? blue? and hes like.. no.. its BLACK everybody is wearing BLACK!! and he was like.. the whole mood in this classroom is black! it was great! and then he was like.. i only see 4 smiles in here.. you all just need to press the happy button and make german come out!! LOL... it was great!!
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PLEASE GO! [29 Aug 2004|04:57pm]
[ mood | okay ]

and support the cause, especially Wednesday Sept 1st.

Protest at the RNC!


To Kris - AH! I MISS YOU SoO MUCH!!! rofl. yay Seniors!!! Can you believe it? It seems like all of us were only freshmen back at AOSR just yesterday. Or something like that. aw CLASS OF 05! We need to have a reunion. I'll try to get a hold of you as soon as I can. miss ya so much girl. <3

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TIKI IS TWO YEARS OLD! *tear*-ness [16 Aug 2004|08:57pm]
[ mood | happy ]


<3 my fish.
I made him a mini birthday cake [well, kind of...out of fish food]...
I cleaned out his tank...
Some of my friends made him a card...
And I gave him his present [arch statue thing for his tank to hide under].

Oh, what a day.

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FLORIDA IS NOT BUSH COUNTRY! [15 Aug 2004|11:07pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Blimey O'Reilly's trousers, what a first week of school it's been. SENIORS c/o '05 HELLFUCKINGYEAH. This year is gonna be off the chain.

Alright so a few highlights and important things to know.
+ for good things, - for bad things
- Some kid threw up on the first day of school in my English class.
- I have "A" lunch.
- My schedule sucks. But I don't care anymore.
+ I made friends with a new kid. And she's muslim.
- The French teacher isn't a guy! My counselor lied. :( It's some lady who's real strict. Plus she is also my geography teacher.
+ My Economics teacher fucking rocks b/c he's hilarious.
+ The American Government teacher looks like General Wesley Clark [I don't have him till next semester though]. Check it out: here and here.
- THE FRESHMAN HAVE TAKEN OVER THE BUS!! and stuff. There are SO MANY FRESHMAN this year it's so not right. And so fucking obnoxious and whatnot, thinking they own the place. Ah hell's bells, even the seniors aren't as arrogant as they are. Urg. They better learn some fucking respect.
+ I've discovered a new secret place on campus to chill. But since it's a secret I shall take it to the grave. Bitches.
- Bush came to Pensacola on Tuesday.
+ We protested.

Not too exciting, but still, it's senior year. It was an okay first week.

Alright so Bush came to Pensacola on Tuesday and some kids took the day off because they were going to go see him. The ironic thing is that they were all white, hahah. Not trying to be racist, but well, they were, and I really believe that all the brothers at my school dislike him. When we were in homeroom on Tuesday, Bush was on the TV and one of the brothers was like, "He comin' to Pensacola? He gonna get shot." Hahah...Though, they were probably just messing around. Outside of the civic center, where Bush was speaking, there were about 40 protestors. Hahah it was great. Two people got arrested for a fight. But still, it's good to dissent, I was happy with even that many people there. I think we got the message out pretty well.

But I'd like to make a few things clear to...
MR. BUSH, not all of us Panhandle residents are your supporters. You need to know that, but you also need to know that you are our president, too. Don't treat us like enemies of America or enemies of God because we disagree with you. So if we have a VALID ticket to see YOU speak in OUR town, we should be able to. OUR votes decide if you get another 4 years or not. You did not make a good impression after these incidentsCollapse )

The ROCK AGAINST BUSH tour came to Pensacola on Saturday August 7th. It was pretty cool, but due to hardly any advertisement, not too many people showed up. In the past week I've seen an old Sacred Heart peer, Patrick McBride, in the paper twice. It was so shocking but also cool at the same time. He was at the protest and the RAB tour. Yarrrrrr.

Okie dokie well I got school tomorrow so I shall end this here. Goodnight.

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Qu'est-ce que le point? [06 Aug 2004|03:58am]
[ mood | discontent and french ]

I'd forgotten how utterly crap school is. I don't think I can stand much more of it. It's a good thing I'm graduating this year.

First Period: World Geography
Second Period: Drawing and Painting
Third Period: French II
Fourth Period: Economics
Fifth Period: English Honors IV
Sixth Period: AP Statistics
Seventh Period: Anatomy and Physiology Honors

What a nightmare! Quelle horreur and triple merde. First correction will be to have American Government THIS semester, and Economics next semester. Second correction will be to have the same lunch period as Jamie and/or Christina. I can't believe this. I have "A" lunch, Christina has "B" lunch, and Jamie has "C" lunch. The ONLY class we have together is French II. And thank god for that. I was expecting the new french teacher to be some gorgey little french man in a beret named Jacques...but I think it might be some lady. My counselor lied! How evil is that? Rawr. At least replace Ms. Godwin with someone cool please? Ms. Godwin was pretty lenient and cool with us, so I hope this new teacher is too. But I wish it was a dude. Fuck. I hate my schedule.

Qu'est-ce que le point?

Anywhooo...so not much has been going on other than chillin' with people around this crap town. I'm supposed to go to the beach tomorrow but I don't think I can b/c I may have to go to the library to get a library card or some stupid shit like that. I have issues with libraries now b/c they HAVE to make it their business what you check out b/c you might be a terrorist. I hate the Patriot Act. But whatever *middle finger to Asscroft*. So anyways, we played with the ouija board today. I don't know why, but it's actually kinda fun in a silly dorky way. We talked to Jack the ripper, and he called us whores. ROFL. He said he was going to kill us too, and told us to fuck off. Damn he's so mean. He must be like the meanest "spirit" we've talked to. I'm not even kidding, I swear. And my spirit guide is a retard, all he kept saying was "nznznznznznzn". WTF? Oh well, I don't even know much about this stuff.

Since it's been over a week I won't elaborate on the trip in New Orleans. All I say is Bourbon street is really corny and overrated, but the rest of New Orleans is really pretty. And they actually have public transportation there [street cars]! It's real easy to get around. Go visit the D-Day museum also if you ever go. They have a Virgin and Tower records there. Not fair, but then again it's really pricey. Great seafood, I won't eat oysters, but I'm sure they're good if you like oysters. AND CRAWFISH ARE SO CUTE! <3 OMG I love crawfish, they are so adorable looking [I didn't eat them but my brother did and it was depressing]. But anyways, overrall, I really loved New Orleans. Great Jazz, great food, great city. I recommend visiting if you ever get the privilege to.

I can't think of anything else to write about...but I am writing that fanfiction, hopefully I can finish it soon. I'm just writing a middle and ending for it, but I know it'll be better than the ending of the movie. Hahah. Yay. I put some pre-painting pics in my shadow_of_astar. And I also posted an interview between Michael Moore and Bill O'Reilly in wetheuncensored, so check that out too if you have the time and see how much of an asshole Bill is. But even so, it's not too bad. I've seen the wrath of Bill much worse before. And it's not pretty at all. Non.

Awright. That's it for now. I'm away laughing on a fast camel. Once more. Or something. Goodnight.


Confession: Before I only had the Specific Horn with no sign of the General Horn. But I think I have the General Horn now. I don’t know why [Eryn and Em prob the only ones that will understand that for now]. Also, I'm kind of bummed because a couple of my close friends don't bother talking to some of us anymore b/c they're way too involved with intimate relationships. It fucking sucks. I hate it when people sell out their friends like that just not right.

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interesting... [03 Aug 2004|04:13am]
[ mood | bored ]

laskdjfalksdjfCollapse )

I dare you.

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Ebert gave it 1 star, I give it no stars. [02 Aug 2004|01:48am]
[ mood | angry, disappointed, annoyed ]

"...Eventually the secret of Those, etc., is revealed. To call it an anticlimax would be an insult not only to climaxes but to prefixes. It's a crummy secret, about one step up the ladder of narrative originality from It Was All a Dream. It's so witless, in fact, that when we do discover the secret, we want to rewind the film so we don't know the secret anymore.

And then keep on rewinding, and rewinding, until we're back at the beginning, and can get up from our seats and walk backward out of the theater and go down the up escalator and watch the money spring from the cash register into our pockets
." - Ebert

Read this if you don't want to waste your money and time, but don't read it if you don't want to know what happens.

My review of Shamalayn's The Village **SPOILERS**Collapse )

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All that jazz [26 Jul 2004|01:48am]
[ mood | excited ]

Going to New Orleans.
Be back Wednesday night...

^..if you want a postcard!
Love ya'll.

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short and pointless. yaaarrrrrrrrrrr. [23 Jul 2004|01:11am]
[ mood | blank ]


I didn't do shit today AS FUCKING USUAL except watch the 9/11 commission give its final report and clean the house. I printed some random tabs, practiced them, and then made a collage...O yeah, then we dropped Sean off at his guitar lessons and went to walmart and shit. I have a feeling my BROTHER has been telling my FRIENDS that I'm not here when they call. RAWR. I'm gonna kick his ass. But I do not know for sure so I will wait. Big brother sucked tonight. If you watch the show you know. Ummm...OH I FINALLY updated my Patriot Act Hatelisting [go join], and it now has 18 members! And it might get hosted! Hurrah! yar. What else...My mim leaves for Paris tomorrow morning...it sucks. I'm gonna be the person who's gonna have to do everyone's laundry [that includes my bro and dad's underwear...ahhh...ew] and whatnot so I hope I don't fuck shit up. Even though I used to do laundry in Rome...it's different here I guess. But it's alright...we get to go to New Orleans! Not sure what day, but soon, sometime next week. And mim is gonna buy me a cheap french beret! Just like Jacques Chirac's! ROFL [actually I don't know if Jacques Chirac even has or wears a beret...but o well, I just like his name and I just like berets]. Well, I'm done talking about nothing now, so once I have something significant to say I shall inform you all.

GO TO MY shadow_of_astar FOR VACA PICS! merci.

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Bevaaaaaaaare. [21 Jul 2004|03:15am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Yayay update. Wait a sec. Why do I mostly only update REALLY late at night? ...O yeah...b/c that's the only time I get to go online! Urg. I want my own computer.

Not too much going on...yesterday I just bummed around. I went to the local used music store [Sound Shop! I finally found out it's name] with some of my people, and bought some records. I shoulda asked for a job application...but this other girl did and they told her they didn't have any openings. So I think I'll try walgreens or target. Anyways, we just drove around Pensacola and did stupid shit. It's so boring around here so yeah, but at least I got out of the house. After they dropped me off, I fell asleep watching Don Juan DeMarco...and woke up to psycho ringing of the doorbell. I was a little freaked out b/c no one was home but me and they were like banging on my window too...and who was it? JEN AND NICOLE! I shoulda known...hahah. So they just came by to say whats up and chill for a bit. This was the first time they came to the house since I moved back, so I gave them a tour. It was awesome. Jen has a blue truck, hahah!! That's so her. She hunts too, can you believe it? People go on DATES hunting here. Crazy shit. Anyway, they go to Washington High and I go to Woodham, so we don't chill alot, but we are going to sometime before school starts again, WHICH IS IN THREE FUCKING WEEKS! AH! But it's cool...maybe I can meet some people from Washington or somethin. Hm..Oh yeah, and then I watched the assistant b/c Andy Dick is a hilarious mothershucker.

I didn't do SHIT today. Ok, I woke up at FIVE THIRTY PM b/c I stayed up till SIX AM talking to *certain people*. Ahem. I can't even remember why...but I did. I was so pissed I wasted the day...but o well. Today sucked. It was a bad day for reality television too. Big Brother sucked b/c Operation Security Blanket was sabotaged, and ditz Holly got veto-ed by assfuck Jase, and Karen got put up on the chopping block. And on the Amazing Race my favorite team got eliminated. Marsha and Jim, the military dad and daughter. So now I'm rooting for the midget's team. It really pisses me off b/c my favorite ppl NEVER win. urg. Fuck you, reality tv.

In other news, the Rock Against Bush tour will be hitting PENSACOLA FLORIDA August 7th. I really want to go. If P*Cola Florida is too lame to have protests, then I at least want to go to this event! I want to do something, and I'm sure they'll give info on voting and whatnot at the show. As a side note, I'm definitely attending the next rally or joining the local campaign. There are John Kerry signs ALL OVER downtown and in lower-class Pensacola [which makes up the majority of Pensacola, b/c it's not a very hoity toity town]. *excited*

Guess that's it, um...
Me and Randy *almost* broke up. :-/

k. wetheuncensored.
thanks. Goodnight.


'Last' surveyCollapse )
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OMG! [18 Jul 2004|09:39pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I just talked to my uncle Seth on the phone.

We were talking about my incident at the Midway airport, and he was asking me all these questions that could have made them think I was a terrorist, like if I said the word bomb or anything. And he said, "What if you had a friend whose name is Jack, and you say 'Hi Jack!'?"

Get it? HI-JACK? ROFLMFAO! That's fucking hilarious.
...I'm probably going to get arrested now. Damn Patriot Act. rawr.

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I’m your pain when you can’t feel [18 Jul 2004|05:19pm]
[ mood | confused ]

So I've been grounded since Wednesday. B/c I missed my PT appointment...again. Not like there's anything worth writing about anyway. Is there ever? Well yes, but just not now.

I drove my mim to this place in Alabama on Friday...because she wanted me to drive her there. Whatever, I had nothing else to do anyway. But it's called Biophilia, and it's basically like a butterfly garden/nursery thing. It closed at four, but the lady let us in anyway for some reason. Apparently she lives there I guess, so she gave us like a mini tour thing. She was showing us catipillars under a microscope, and her husband came down. Turns out he's running for Baldwin County Commissioner. Mr. Saas, I think his name is, is democrat. I found this out from the pamphlet he gave us, and he seems like he'd be an excellent Commissioner. So vote for him, if you live in Baldwin County...and are 18 or older, that is. Anywho, it was so funny b/c he had a Mr. Bell moment. He looked in the microscope and said, "Where's this thing from, outer space?" ROFL. That was SUCH a Mr. Bell moment, I was cracking up. After we left, we drove to Big Lagoon. It's been awhile since I been there, but it was still very pretty. It sucks though, all these people are polluting it. I saw a considerable amount of trash around the marsh and sand, and even in the water. Ugh, stupid people. We didn't stay long. While driving through the otherside of Pensacola, I saw loads of John Kerry for prez signs. And I mean LOADS...we couldn't even keep track of all them. Hellzyeah! It was very exciting...rofl. But anyway, on the way home we stopped by Walmart to drop off my cameras. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd...I bought DON JUAN DeMARCO! for five dollars! Hellzfuckingyeah! I was so excited, that movie is hilarious. Go watch it if you haven't seen it.

Yesterday...I didn't really do much either. I woke up at around nine and went to the Navy base with my dad/bro to do grocery shopping and etc. Hahah, OH HOW exciting. But whatever, I just wanted to get out. So that was alright...the rest of the day is not worth discussing b/c I did a bunch of stuff no one cares about. ROFL. yep.

I'm confused...very confused. :-/

So how do you guys like my new icon?! Isn't it great?! I heart Bela Lugosi to def. Tell me what you think. And if you can tell me what movie that's from, I'll be impressed.

Welp. I'm away laughing on a fast camel. Whatever that means.

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